MetaContainer examples

1. Share a folder between computers

user@host1$ metac fs export /home/user/shared
Send the reference via IM or mail to another person or run on another computer:
user@host2$ metac fs bind /home/user/shared-from-host1 ref:7N9_k-ZQJ92SyZMQtizkA4mYDoG-Byhes6Nok1ph

2. Share a desktop session with another person

user@host1$ metac desktop export localx11:
Send the reference via IM or mail to another person, so she can attach to your session:
user@host2$ metac desktop attach ref:MNS2I2mR4nsVW4XYVI3r-1TkmScK0OZd6X_rB5qL

3. Launch a virtual machine with a disk image residing on another computer (e.g. NAS)

On machine hosting the disk:
user@nas$ metac file export /dev/mapper/nas-vm
On machine where the VM should be ran:
user@host$ metac vm start --drive uri=ref:miOZCkUt77meIs-1HsK65Qb2U-_DHV2eC9yAjLiZ